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About me...

I am a Linurian (linux geek) based in London working for Portaltech Reply Ltd developing linux architectures and managing servers for their web platforms and more. I also develop GPL licened software availible to download from this site.

I'm currently studying for lpi certifications, Linux Foundation cetifications and working on a number of small projects with the Myo and 2fa devices, to keep my skills sharp. I also attend linuxcon and similar events.

Mike And Kasia

Why the website...

I started my own website back in 2006 as a test space for web dev. This grew into a portfolio website whilst i ran a freelance webdesign company in Brighton. I now use my web server as my hub for a range of internet based technoligies and developments, git repositories... the usual.


zombies, pi's, studio ghibli, linux, holidays, hacking, milkshakes, electro, vocal trance, jurasic park and zombies ate my neighbours to name a few :).

Michael Jones, Bannf Alberta, Canada