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19 | 04 Nov 2016

Workspace Switcher for XFCE. I always categorize tasks into workspaces, and shorcut these workspaces. This app alerts when switching.

I always liked the functionality in Gnome 2 to switch workspaces and have a grid display when switching between the availible workspaces. Since switching to xfce in 2011 and finding it an irritation to switch between workspace without the alert, in 2012 I made a little app to do this in XFCE.

Having just run an update on Debian to find libpng was upgraded from libpng12 to libpng16, I found the app was in need of a re-compile due to the error "iCCP: known incorrect sRGB profile".

After digging out the code, I found i've lost the original artwork of a 4x2 grid, so I made some new images (8). The popup sits in the middle of the screen for 350 millisecs then disapears.

Source code on github if anyone else wants a simple desktop switcher app for XFCE.


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