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Calculating psutils ps etimes for Java Threads

General | 31 Jan 2017

In older versions of psutils, the application ps does not have etimes. This is a quick documentation on how to gather emtimes from the procfs.


Steam on Debian

Gaming | 21 Oct 2016

A bash script to clean up Steam libraries, to run Steam on Debian.

Network Optimisation Thumb

Linux Network Optimisation v2

Optimisation | 19 Oct 2015

Linux networking re-visited, queue disciplines and kernel networking options clearly explained in a script with simple tests.

snmp Thumbnail

Extending SNMP for Custom Values

Scripts | 23 Jun 2014

Extending SNMP for additional values for monitoring.

This can be useful for monitoring the amount of ram allocated to the userspace or user Read More >>

os-prober alphabetic grub listings and tweeks

Scripts | 22 Nov 2011

This article shows how to sort and filter grub entries made by os-prober.


Firefox Auto Profile Switcher

Scripts | 14 Oct 2011

It's easy enough to add firefox profiles, but switching between them can be tedious, using a wrapped script, you can automate this task.


PCI and xinput device checker scripts

Scripts | 14 Oct 2011

This scripts enable you to search for pci and xinput devices easily


Auto Mac Switch Download Limit

Scripts | 15 Jul 2011

Here is a script to auto change mac address, once you reach a specified download amount. This can be useful weather you want to stay anonymous acro Read More >>

Linux Switch Touchpad On and Off

Scripts | 14 Jul 2011

It is very useful to switch a laptops touchpad off temporarily whilst working in command line, the following script should work across all Linux ba Read More >>

Pci checker

Scripts | 13 Jul 2011

A small script to easily search and display info on pci devices on linux; I wrote this script to shortcut the retrieval of info from lspci whilst s Read More >>