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Linux Network Optimisation v2

| 19 Oct 2015

Networking Optimisation Version 2. Inspired by talks at the linuxcon, I've written a script for checking the various kernel options, queueing disciplines and nic options.

The script's goal is to provide an easy to use tool that covers each possible option with a vaild set of choices or valid reason for changing each property.

Each kernel option has been thouroughly read up on, and resources listed out. I've learnt alot during the process of writing this scirpt, one key thing I've taken away is just how much value a newer kernel brings to networking.



Further Developments

Over the next couple of weeks i'll be feeding in items from feedback, along with the following items.

  • Better bandwidth calculation algorithms, for an overview.
  • Improvements on the congestion tests in the scirpt already.
  • Setup variable input for the "HTB" queue discipline setup (for older kernels).


I'm very keen to hear feedback on the script, from anyone, technical or not. Any improovments that can be made, if a technical detail could be improved upon or somthing made clearer, please feel free to contact me.

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