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Hello and welcome to Michael Jones Web Design!

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As a well experienced web master the quality of my work should show in this site. if you would like more examples of my work just follow the sitemap link and scroll to the bottom. For a full list of my work please look me up in w3c sites.

How much for a custom website:

For a small website (around 5 pages) as little as 199. This cost Includes a domain name and hosting for two years! Please contact me via the email link at the top to discuss your website requirements and realistic costs.
The average cost elewhere is 15 for a domain for two years and 48 for the hosting over two years, thats 63 without the hundreds for website design!

A quick note:

I find it amazing how many web designers can't develop accessible pages. A good way to test them quickly using IE is selecting a larger font size through your web browser. Alot of sites have fixed font sizes and no option for plain text versions. This means they are most probaly developing websites that are unlawful in Britain from the 1st October 2004. (The British Disability Discrimination Act makes it unlawful to discriminate against a disabled person by refusing to provide any service provided to members of the public - including websites. )

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