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How to Get a Higher Web Rank

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There are a million and one different ways you can work to get your web site's ranking up. I can evalute your site for free just email me the address by clicking the link above.

The main four ways to get a higher ranking are:
Clean Content

1) clean content, how can google check what your site content is if it cant read it. go to to view web standards. or submit your site to their online evaluation here:

Markup Validation:

Accesibility Standards

2) accesibility standards met, i know this can take time however after you have looked at some items such as alt longdesc and summarys these are places for extra keywords where alot of search engines look but no one uses. Highly accessible sites also tend to have cleaner content which is read with more ease by spiders.


3) relevant keywords, descriptions, page titles and paragraph titles to your content. There is no point in me having a keyword bob when my name is mike because it will just be ignored. your content needs to match your keywords.


4) links to your site, there are millions of directorys you can list your site in for free without linking back and theses links all go to help your rank. here are a few: this one is recomended by google

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