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Tutorials By Michael Jones

Hello and welcome to mike's tutorials, I will be updating these pages on a regular basis with new tutorials all web design related. If you have any tutorial requests, post them in the Sakui Web forum, and i'll create it as soon as i get a change.

Tutorial Software Requirments

To code my pages I use Adobe Dreamweaver. If you don't have Dreamweaver then use HTML-kit it's free and can be customised to a similar level as Dreamweaver.

To modify my images I use Adobe Photoshop. An alternative to this product is Gimp, which is a linux based grapical editor but you can now also get windows instrallers.

Finaly you will need a ftp client to upload you pages. Most HTML editors come with an ftp client however i find the user interface of Ace-ftp easyer to use.

Javascript Tutorials:

  • Javascript basics An introduction to Javascript
  • Browser A List of ways to manipulate the users browser using Javascript
  • Form How to manipulate forms with Javascript
  • Game How to design online games using Javascript
  • Google Map How to manipulate google maps on your website
  • Math How to manipulate numbers with Javascript
  • Menu How to design menus using Javascript
  • Other Some fun Javascript codes

CSS Tutorials:

  • CSS basics An introduction to CSS
  • BgimageHow to use CSS to add backgroud images and transparency
  • Layout CreatorAn online tool to create your web layout
  • ShadowHow to create shadowed text with CSS

Design Tutorials:

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